Cormyr Crumbling

Bertrand's Bad Dreams
Session 8

... Last time…

Bertrend Greenhill was indisposed in the morning. Ki’Yora Ulthran and Ander are called to Salkorim’s suite to find that an audience has been requested from Vahsh. Salkorm doesn’t have enough time to do recon on him but knows that he has the ear of both Crown Prince Irvel and Erzoured Obarskyr. That makes him someone who cannot be easily ignored.

On meeting Vahsh they find that he knows a lot just about everything about them, much to Sarkorm’s dismay. After confirming that they do have the crown it is decided that on the morrow the group with acompany Vahsh into the Feywild in the King’s Forest to attempt to remove Aileeya’s curse.

At the meeting Vahsh hinted that Bertrend wasn’t just normally under the weather. When they return to The World Snake they find that he is under some spell. They immediately think of all the blood that was spilt from the trap in Coryn’s may have been used for blood magic.

When Ki’Yora and Ander get into Coryn’s rooms they find this is the case. They are able to disable the evil blood magic ritual and escape with their lives if not their dignity.


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